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If you are looking for Top Quality Rebuilt 4l60E Transmissions OR Honest Understandable Realistic Answers without a bunch of sensationalistic nonsense, than you are in the right place. There is a whole lot more going on here than just arbitrarily suggesting that you replace or try to repair your transmission without a good solid diagnosis first.

The importance of a Diagnosis on a computerized transmission can not be understated. So before you do anything, Call Me First 1-772-979-2887 and Lets Talk openly about your Concerns before any decision is made on a 4L60E rebuilt transmission or used 4L60E transmission for sale.  

Knowing how to prepare rebuild transmissions to exceed your needs is my specialty. No corners cut, we recommend premium name brand replacement parts with qualified upgrades designed right into every rebuild. 1-772-979-2887.

Honestly, you wouldn’t call a Doctor if you had chest pains and ask how much it costs to have your heart fixed? Of course not, doctors must see their patients in order to diagnose first. So what makes you think you don’t need a transmission diagnosis first?

The 4l60E and 4l65E are both excellent transmissions, by using some modest updates and careful rebuilding procedures we offer a better 4L60E transmission than our competition. We are not the biggest supplier, just the best supplier of information, parts and more for folks who need  to know more about a reliable Chevy or GM four speed automatic overdrive transmission.

Rebuilt 4l60e sunshell
This is an updated sun shell for 4l60e rebuilt transmissions

We trash half of the parts upon diss-assembly. I know a lot of you have heard of SUN SHELL failures, we trash all of them, no matter how they look WE use the latest unbreakable shell. But we do much more. Our technicians take as much time as needed to insure all of the specs are in perfect range, every clearance is on the money [no guess work], every bolt is tightened with a Torque Wrench in a surgically clean room.

The real difference maker is how we recalibrate the brain or valve body of your fresh 4L60E. Using the BEST update kit on the market, we can tailor every transmission to match the exact purpose of the vehicle. If you own a truck, prepares you transmission for super duty service and includes a Tru Cool auxiliary transmission cooler. Our Cadillac transmissions are prepared to shift seamlessly and still provide long life without problems..

Cure your 4l60e peoblems
SK 4L60E Shift Improvement Kit.

Every 4L60E transmission comes with a remanufactured torque converter, cooling system flush out kit, and directions for properly installing the transmission and filling it and road testing it correctly.

When you buy a transmission from us, you have a lifetime support group to assist in any way possible. We pride ourselves on selling the BEST rebuilt 4L60E transmissions and support you with excellent customer service forever after that.

An educated consumer makes better decisions. We enjoy providing information to people who REALLY want a rebuilt transmission done the right way the first time and priced right, to the lowest penny possible for your convenience.

You will never regret BUYING the BEST rebuilt 4L60E transmission made. It costs less any way you look at it. When you consider the trouble free performance and overall lifespan, you will make the right decision. Call Rebuilt4L60ETramsnssions right now. 1-772-979-2887. Florida, USA. Note:  I’ll gladly remove the cost of your phone call from the bill if you buy anything from our business.

If you need more information, or simply want to speak to me. Please, by all means give me a call and ask me anything you want about transmissions in general, Chevy transmissions, and I will provide you with an answer that makes sense to you.

Call 1-772-979-2887

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